The new normal won’t look like the old….

(Business in a COVID world)

Like it or not, things have probably changed forever, and it will impact it everyone in business – to a
greater degree for some than others, but there will be an impact.

Since the outbreak of this insidious virus and our governments’ responses to it, there’s been a mountain
of information bombarded at business owners. It’s not our intention to add to that, other than provide a
brief perspective.

We’ve heard people say, “I can’t wait until things get back to normal”, however that’s dangerous
thinking because it’s highly unlikely to happen. We will be subject to social distancing until there’s a
vaccine for this virus and that won’t be anytime soon.

We are far better advised to think about the impact, how we can deal with it and even look to the
opportunities that might arise as a result. There have been numerous examples of businesses seeing the
opportunity to pivot – either adjusting their product or service range to the existing market or offering
existing services to new markets.

The situation is forcing us to think outside the box, so we can remain relevant in the new normal.
Perhaps we had become lazy, believing that our business models would stand us in good stead for as
long as we could see. We set strategies for the future based on circumstances we knew would not
change. Except they did.

Now we need to look and consider what other “certainties” are not that certain after all. Then look to
see if, what and how we need to look at the future.

Actually, it’s quite an exciting challenge!

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