Why "Switch"?

To achieve objectives and to ensure business outcomes improve, it is logical that some form of change must occur.

You can change...


  • Spending so many hours tied to the business

  • Limited cashflow or profitability

  • Dissatisfied customers

  • A chaotic workplace


  • A realistic work/life balance

  • A growing business that has consistent cashflow and a high return on the investment

  • Customers that sing the praises of the business, recommendations that result in more trade

  • A business that works like clockwork, with committed employees all working on the same page

But, without a guide who will continually remind you of your commitment… it is unlikely change will happen.

What’s involved?

Firstly, it needs commitment.

You’ll meet with your coach twice a month, (face-to-face or video, usually an hour at a time), and you will need to commit to dedicating a few hours every week to doing the work required to ensure change actually occurs. You will be speaking with someone familiar with your challenges and who is as committed to you in achieving your goals. And, of course, providing you with tools and templates along the way.

Coaching is an ongoing process of:
  • Agreeing what’s needed
  • Learning the process
  • Applying that process to your business
  • Review with the coach
  • Execution at the workplace
  • Continuation of new processes, gradually introduced to make changes
We have three levels of coaching to suit...


Begin your business how you want it operating at its best. Starting off on the right foot is taking a short-cut to success.


The best way to grow is via betterment. A focus on continual improvement sets the foundations for growth.


With a betterment mindset, you create flexibility. Wouldn’t you love a business that doesn’t rely on your daily input?

Ready to make a change?

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