Staying on top of the marketing game


Marketing guru, Seth Godin recently wrote in one of his daily blogs about the importance of being an expert in your field.

If you’re in the unfortunate position of needing surgery, you trust that your surgeon is expert in his field and is using the most recent methods and equipment. Why then, are you not doing the same? There will be a cry from those arguing that they are using the latest techniques, and this is well and good. But are those same people spending a set amount of time every week searching the web for the very latest news regarding their profession, industry, trade or craft?

Sadly, most of us consider ourselves sufficiently “expert” and “far too busy” to even think about this. That’s OK too, but please don’t complain when you start to lose market share to competitors who are remaining at the very forefront of the industry because of their knowledge – and letting their customers know.

As Mark Twain said “Those who do not read barely have an advantage over those who cannot.”

Seth Godin has also written extensively about differentiation. If you were to follow his sage advice about ensuring you are indeed, an up-to-date expert in the goings on in your particular field, at the same time you would also differentiate yourself.


Because you can rest assured that most of your competitors aren’t doing it!

OK, so you’re convinced that you must become more knowledgeable than your competition, so what now?

Here’s the thing: if you’re passionate about what you do (and if you’re not, please think about doing something else) then gathering information, reading and recording what you find will not be a chore for you. Yep, gathering the information – what now?

Your customers or clients will benefit from your knowledge – provided you demonstrate that you have it. Tell them. Write a blog. Write a newsletter. Send emails. Create a YouTube channel. Use social media. Whatever it takes; let your contacts know that you are indeed, passionate about what you do. Let them know that you’re at the forefront of knowledge in your field and are keeping abreast of new developments.

Welcome to the new world of staying on top of your game.

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