The Art of Effective Delegation

The Art of Effective Delegation

The Art of Effective Delegation

Too often we, as managers or employers, complain that tasks are not carried out as we wish, when in fact,we are the perpetrators of the problem. We do not give clear instructions and we do not engage the person we are delegating to, in the outcome.

So, what is good delegation?


Elements of good delegation

  1. Precise details of what is required
  2. The reason it’s required (including staff in higher level detail makes them feel included, trusted and valued)
  3. The format in which you require the information – basic, detailed, draft or final presentation
  4. A set time for a review of the process to ensure both parties are ‘on the same page’
  5. Inclusions that you may require
  6. A time frame for its completion
  7. Freedom to ask for information during the process
  8. Question whether the task required is understood


Let’s now look at the benefits you have gained by effectively delegating tasks:

  1. a good rapport is developed with staff
  2. the staff know that their input is valued
  3. tasks are delivered when and how you require them
  4. workplace tensions do not develop because of a lack of understanding
  5. the promises you have made to customers (for which you required the information requested of your staff) are kept
  6. you create an opportunity to exceed those promises, thus enhancing the reputation of the business
  7. the business operates more efficiently


Finally, let’s look at how this can be implemented into the business. Assuming that improvements can be made in the area of delegation, write the above as a process, one that will be used consistently each time it’s required. When the time arrives for the next task to be delegated, refer to the process and follow your own lead. This will be just one of many systems that the business will require in order that it operate more effectively, with greater ease and with a more contented and supportive staff.

  • Posted by Iggy Castle on 3rd October, 2011 12:22 pm
    I like your comments regards and wonder why clear delegation appears to be one of the hardest things for senior managers to do. I am going to send this link onto my manager in the hope that he can take the comments and make good use of them.


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