In the aftermath of the passing of Phillip Hughes

Phillip Hughes 1988 - 2014

The Phillip Hughes tragedy was just that. Within the cricket world – and even on the periphery of that world, the outpouring of grief has been palpable. However, to some outside that world, it is not understandable.

I have heard people say that the reaction has been “over the top” and that “it got greater airplay that people dying in the service of our country”. As far as the latter is concerned, I think that reaction is neither fair, nor true. I do not know of anyone who is not affected by the loss of life in our armed forces. The major difference is that, when on an overseas mission in active service, there is always a chance that lives will be lost – it happens in war, as much as we will that not to be so.

On the other hand, we do not expect a life to be lost playing a sport for one’s country – and that is the tragedy of Phillip Hughes.

As far as the response being “over the top” I believe that the reaction is nothing more than people showing compassion – and there is not enough compassion in today’s world. Perhaps there should be more “over the top” compassion displayed in other situations and we should not shun people showing their genuine grief.

As my blog relates to business owners, I believe there is some relevance in the need to show compassion. Basically, it comes to putting oneself in the shoes of the other person, whether that “person” is an employee, a colleague or a customer. If each of us was an open book, we would verbalise all of the negative as well as positive, current influences in our lives. We all know, from time to time, there are plenty of them. This being the case, we should realise that we do not know the situation of the person with whom we are interacting at any particular time. If that encounter is not going as we would like, we should understand that we do not know what negative influences are causing the person to act as they are.

 But maybe we should consider that and have some compassion and realisation that they just might be going through something in their lives that is extremely negative.

In some situations, we can put ourselves in a position of enquiring and asking if we can be of any assistance – even if it is just a sympathetic ear. In other cases, we should just sit back, take a deep breath and believe that there must be something wrong and just suck up anything negative we might feel.....


RIP Phillip Hughes


Long Live Compassion

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