About Switch

Although Switch was established as a business dedicated to working with business owners looking to grow their enterprises offering a range of coaching and mentoring services in 2008, John Matthew had been coaching as a Certified Business Coach since 2004.

His bona fides to support this vocation go back far beyond that point however, having either commenced or been involved in some 17 small business enterprises since 1979.  As such, he understands the trials and tribulations of business ownership. On the other hand he understands what he calls "the dignity of self-employment" – the reasons people opt for this form of occupation.

Why "Switch"?

In order to achieve objectives and to ensure that the outcomes of a business improve, it is logical that some form of Change must occur. Change from ...

  • spending so many hours tied to the business
  • limited cashflow or profitability
  • unsatisfied customers
  • a chaotic workplace

and a change to...

  • a realistic work/ life balance (John says "A business is a means to an end and should never be considered an end in itself")
  • a growing business that has consistent cashflow and a high return on the investment
  • customers that sing the praises of the business, recommendations that result in more trade
  • a business that works like clockwork, with committed employees all working on the same page

The aim of Switch is the growth of an enterprise that, with further people who share the same passion and commitment as John Matthew, will develop small business communities that provide exceptional service to a customer base that has their highest respect.